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    Teeth-in-a-Day Dental Implants

    Many dental practitioners promise Teeth-in-a-Day services. However, with Affordable Dentures & Implants in Miami Lakes, we can deliver these services without a problem, thanks to our on-site lab and team of certified technicians. Our practice is only one of a small number of dental offices with an on-site laboratory, and together, our technicians have more than 75% of combined experience. Our resources, knowledge, and expertise allow us to provide same-day implant-supported dentures that are among the best in Florida – without any hidden fees!

    What are Teeth-in-Day

    Artist rendering of how fixed dentures are positioned in the jaw.

    The majority of our patients who opt for our Teeth-in-a-Day services typically do so due to ill-fitting dentures or a need to replace all of their teeth at the same time.

    These same-day implant treatments see our practitioners first extracting the teeth, following which they immediately place a dental implant into the patient’s jaw. These implants act as the “roots” of the replaced tooth. Using technologically advanced 3D computer-guided imaging processes, we can see exactly where the implant should be placed in relation to your bones and vital structures. This helps us ensure the most efficient procedure possible.

    The next step would be for us to make an impression so the lab technicians can get to work on crafting a temporary healing denture to fit over the implants. This implant-supported denture fits securely in place, and its streamlined design follows the natural contour of your bite.

    We will see you one week after surgery to ensure your healing is going well and no adjustments need to be made.

    The Whole Package

    Once you have completely healed following your procedure, the implant-stabilized dentures will need to be replaced with a more permanent solution. This is because your bone and gum shape may change following the procedure, so your initial Teeth-in-a-Day denture may no longer fit – it’s like trying to wear the same pair of jeans after losing a substantial amount of weight… it just doesn’t work.

    The packages offered by Affordable Dentures & Implants in Miami Lakes are fully inclusive of the costs for both the initial implant surgery and permanent implant denture. Many dental practitioners do not offer this all-inclusive service, which can often be a surprise to patients.

    Our team will fit you with a new set of permanent dentures approximately 6 to 12 months after your Teeth-in-a-Day procedure. We may even be able to make the permanent implant-stabilized denture while you wait, depending on the type you select.

    Our four denture implant options include:

    Economy Dentures: The most affordable implant we offer, starting from only $375
    Custom Dentures: The acrylic material used to create these dentures sets them apart from others and makes them more durable
    Premium Dentures: These are the perfect option for a more durable, natural, and cosmetically pleasing solution.
    Ultimate Dentures: This is the most natural-looking, comfortable, and long-lasting implant-stabilized denture option available. These dentures are backed by a 7-year warranty and are made using a special heat injection system only available to about 5% of practices in the state.

    What to Expect During a Teeth-in-a-Day Treatment

    Older man sitting in dentist chair smiling from getting his new teeth-in-a-day.

    With this treatment option, you will be scheduled to arrive at our practice first thing in the morning for your implant surgery and any necessary extractions. We do have sedation options available upon request to help you relax. 

    Your dentures will then be created on-site by our lab technicians so that they can be installed within a few hours. By that afternoon, you can leave with a perfect smile and avoid going home with a mouth full of missing teeth! 

    To find out if Teeth in a Day are right for you, schedule a free consultation today. Walk-ins are welcome at our dental implants Miami Lakes practice. Contact us today!

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