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    Financing for Implants and Dentures

    financing for dentures and implantsAt Affordable Dentures & Implants Miami Lakes, we go the extra mile to ensure that your needs are met as affordably as possible. We offer you a variety of services to help you on your journey:

    Complimentary Consultation and X-ray for New Patients

    If you are getting your first set of implants or dentures, you can stop by for your free consultation and x-rays. This way, we can assist you with finding the right fit for your needs. (Offer excludes the CT scan needed to determine implant candidacy.)

    Free Second Opinions

    Maybe you have already gotten a first opinion from someone else, and you would like to know if we have different offers for you. We might have additional capabilities than other practices, where they might not have the same technology. If you would like a second opinion on whether or not you might be a good candidate for implants, feel free to ask us for a complimentary second opinion.

    Free Emergency Exams

    Sometimes you might need an urgent appointment. If you are in pain because you have broken or knocked out a tooth, you may not be able to wait very long for an appointment. That is why you must call us immediately or stop by. Walk-ins are always welcome, and emergency exams are free of charge.

    Our Commitment to Law Enforcement and the Armed Forces

    We offer a 20% to anyone who is a member of the military or local law enforcement. This is part of our commitment to supporting law enforcement and the armed forces. Thank you for your service!

    $100 Off Your Implant Treatment

    Schedule your implant visit today and get $100 off your final bill.

    Get Low-Interest or 0% Financing on Miami Lakes Dental Implants

    Our Miami Lakes implant dentist works with CareCredit, LendingClub, and GreenSky Lending to provide:

    • Same-day approval means you can start your treatment right away.
    • Low monthly payments that don’t break the bank
    • Financing at 0% interest or at a low rate of interest
    • You’ll be covered for the duration of your dental implant operation.

    For immediate approval and access to benefits, you can apply online or at our office at any time. Begin your treatment on the same day!

    To discover more about how simple it is to acquire a new smile today, call or stop by today.

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